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Keyminds offers guidance and certainty to ambitious organisations.

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Be true

True strength can be found in truth and authenticity.

Keyminds offers organizations concrete insight into behaviour and development potential of teams and individuals.

Stay relevant

Well-functioning organisations can preventively adapt to rapidly changing environments.

Keyminds develops organizations and professionals to continuously to be relevant.

Grow healthy

Rigorous procedures to connect the right persons to your organization are essential to grow healthy.

Keyminds offers certainty within teams to support each other and their organisation.

Keyminds Academy

Work with the Keyscan yourself

In our courses, HR professionals learn to interpret the Keyscan to effectively implement selection procedures and development programs for individuals and teams. Our courses are accessible for (HR) professionals with Higher Vocational Education thinking and working levels.

Learn to work with Keyminds methods

Learn to interpret the results of the Keyscan as well as the suitable conversational techniques to identify both the potential and pitfalls of people within your organisation.

Create the right circumstances for growth

Use reliable and valid psychometric data to make choices that support individual and organizational growth and productivity.