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Keyscan Hire

The prevailing power and influence of automatic, unconscious behaviour in the professional context is often underestimated. This can lead to the hiring of unsuitable candidates in organizations, despite the use of several assessment and development tools. The Keyscan is a scientifically reliable and valid tool that does measure unconscious, associative behaviour patterns. During the Keyscan Hire accreditation you learn to interpret the results of the Keyscan and apply them to your selection procedures.

Special attention is given to translating vacancy texts to Keyscan competences, working with a matching profile and the mapping of present obstacles for the candidate. You can use this knowledge during your selection procedures to clearly understand and predict to what extent a candidate fits within a function based on their behaviour.

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More than twenty years of experience in HR and recruitment consultancy

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Concrete insight into invisible and automatic behavioural patterns

Data-driven choices

Know what a candidate can and cannot offer

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Try out the assessment yourself and discover some new things about your personality within 15 minutes!