Conflict intervention

Differences of opinion between employees within your team or organization are crucial for innovation. In fact, when employees easily express their opinion, they feel comfortable, motivated and have good intentions for the company. Unfortunately, differences of opinion can also lead to mutual irritations, and with prolonged irritations, to emotional conflicts. These emotional conflicts can have a big (dysfunctional) influence on the goals of your organization or team.

It is important to identify emotional conflicts early on, so you can adequately intervene. As an independent stakeholder, Keyminds supports organizations experiencing conflict using a thorough, constructive and concrete working method. We begin with a diagnosis and subsequently find a suitable solution for all stakeholders involved.

Why a Keyminds conflict intervention?

Identifies the deeper causes of behaviour using the Keyscan.

When is the Keyminds conflict intervention a valuable addition?

When the interaction between employees has a negative effect on the goals set by the organisation.

Effective method to motivate employees

Our method quickly identifies bottlenecks and offers a concrete plan of improvement

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