Business coaching

Sometimes it can be difficult to create a transformation for yourself. It is not only a challenge to analyse yourself, but it also turns out that in practice you quickly tend to lose focus and  easily fall back into old patterns of behaviour. Many people therefore find business coaching useful to observe how feelings, associations and emotions are translated into certain behaviour. Together with one of our coaches, you analyse daily work and private situations and start looking for concrete solutions to find a way of working that suits you.

Keyminds business coaching always begins with a thorough development assessment. Subsequently, the approach is goal-oriented, with a maximum of five coaching sessions that take 1.5 to 2 hours. Since we quickly reach the core using the Keyscan, mutual understanding is established early on in the process. This allows the coach and coachee to move onto future possibilities within a short frame of time.

Why Keyminds business coaching?

Concrete and goal-oriented

Quickly reach the core

Start off with the Keyscan to gain insight into focal points immediately


Experience change within a maximum of five coaching sessions

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Keyminds has successfully completed more than 100 business coaching programmes with employees and employers in the commercial and public sectors in the past two years. Curious how we can help your organisation?

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Everything begins with a simple assessment. Simple in the design and execution, but very detailed in the description of you as a person. With clear examples ,the coach walks you through personal situations that you recognize and about which you can say afterwards: “that could have been done differently”. It opens your eyes. I can recommend it to anyone with a managerial function.

Arie Kees van der LeedenDistrict Manager, Boehringer-Ingelheim

From the very start I have experienced involvement and a listening ear in a professional setting. Already during the registration, I became convinced that Keyminds would help me by daring to confront me on what’s necessary rather than indulge my needs. I am very grateful for that and find it unfortunate that my program is coming to and end soon.

Rita van der PolMentor, Nuborgh College Elburg

During the coaching sessions we created a document that I’m sure to open regularly to read through what we have discussed, with special attention to the concrete measures that I want to take.

Wesley MoelikerBuyer Procurement dep. & Fleet Coordinator BeNeLux, Riwal Hoogwerkers B.V.

Interesting and positive coaching sessions in combination with personal assignments focused on my natural qualities that I do not (often) employ. It helped me observe my own behaviour, encouraged me to think about what I want now, what I’m good at and what I can further develop.

Sander AlbertusAccountmanager MKB, Rabobank IJsseldelta

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Try out the Keyscan for yourself and gain insight into your vulnerable behaviour within 15 minutes!