Development assessment

Many assessments are with their self-evaluative questionnaires merely aimed at observable behaviour, but the Keyscan is unique in measuring unconscious and automatic motives. You can therefore quickly map which natural qualities, potential talents and behaviours under stress a person possesses. The assessment is therefore not an observation, but a starting point for development on a personal and professional level in which natural aptitude is the main focal point.

During the personal feedback session with one of our Keyminds mentors, your results will not only be discussed but you also receive concrete measures to shape your development.

Why the Keyscan?

Distinguishes inherited aptitude and learned behaviour

Why is this a valuable addition?

Provides insight into which behaviour changes when under stress

A development assessment…and afterwards?

The Keyscan offers a clear and concrete direction for development

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Keyminds has completed over 350 elaborate development assessments for organisations in the commercial and public sector in the past two years. Curious about how Keyminds can help optimise your personnel, colleagues or teams?

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I was happily surprised by the amount of information that the Keyscan brought to surface. The personal feedback, which I experienced positively, ensured several practical measures to be taken in the future. A real recommendation!

Willeke KoningAssistant Controller, Green Organics

Thanks to the Keyscan and its application I have learned a lot about myself and how I behave on the work floor in only a short time. The people around me have seen me make great progress. I will carry it with me for the rest of my life.

Michiel BrinkhuisOnline Marketing & Communicatie Adviseur, Rabobank IJsseldelta

Interesting to learn about the psychologically underlying behaviour and how development phases can be visualized and made concrete!

Diana HeemskerkProduct Specialist, Mylan

With a few brief questions/pictures this assessment reaches the core. It was a great boost in my coaching process: Keyminds ensured that I can take the next step in my personal and leadership development!

Kim BurgerFinancial Manager, Riwal Hoogwerkers B.V.