It can occur that a match that was suitable at first, is no longer fitting. It can be a difficult process for an organisation to part from employees. An outplacement programme offers employers the opportunity to turn the negative feelings often associated with saying farewell into positivity. The outplacement program not only ensures that an employee leaves the company with a better feeling, but also makes this process more efficient.

Our elaborate analysis based on the Keyscan plays an important role in the transition of employees. By focusing on the natural talents and development potential, we provide the employee with a positive perspective of change. This creates understanding for the employee concerning the current situation. Read more about the possibilities and experiences with our programme in our whitepaper Keyminds Outplacement.

Why Keyminds Outplacement?

Focus on the qualities that an employee possesses, creating a clear future perspective

Encourage positive discussion

Use the right resources to reach an effective agreement

No ‘one size fits all’

Tailored based on your needs and available budget

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I can’t put it any different than experiencing the whole process as quick, effective and especially motivating. I have recently accepted a new job that completely suits my future wishes. Your support was unmistakably of great essence. Thank you for this beautiful process that has enriched my self-esteem, conviction and ability!

Marc van de Ven - PleiteDirecteur Concern, Senzer

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