Selection procedures

At Keyminds we are convinced that a candidates personality is a larger determinant than their knowledge when creating a match with the company and job activities. After all, knowledge can always be supplemented while behavioural preferences, motivation and attitudes are less changeable. It is therefore important to gain thorough insight into the behaviour of a candidate before hiring them. The Keyscan is able to reveal this data, enabling decision-making based on information rather than gut feeling.

Using this method, a good selection procedure can concretely contribute to the growth and optimisation of an organisation and support the chosen direction of teams. At Keyminds we have developed several procedures that will enable your organisation to do this.

Why our selection procedures?

The Keyscan provides insight into which behaviour changes into less functional behaviour under stress

Information-driven choices

Make strategic decisions that encourage growth and cooperation

Hired… and then?

Receive concrete measures to inspire further development of new employees

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Keyminds supports organisations in selection, guidance and development of new employees. Curious about how Keyminds can help your organisation identify the right talents?

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It’s incredible how in merely 15 minutes, simply by selecting a few pictures, a very complete and accurate profile is created. The elaborate and clear feedback ensures that the rapport is easily readable and versatile in use. I therefore regard the Keyscan to be a very valuable step in the recruitment procedure!

Angela de NobelHR Advisor, Novo Nordisk B.V.

There you are, waiting for your feedback with sweaty hands, that - intuitively - can determine your future. I am still impressed by the used method and the way Keyminds created this blueprint, although my wife responded to the document saying: ‘They could have asked me that…’ So with conviction: it hit the nail on the head!

Ingeborg GabrielsSHEQ Manager, Riwal Hoogwerkers B.V.

The assessment efficiently provides insight into your competences. Especially valuable is the concrete advice on how to deal with natural pitfalls related to the new job function that you will fulfill.

Freddie IJsselsteinSales Manager NL, All Modul

To create a strong and suitable match, we have been using the Keyminds assessment for a while. This unique tool ensures that proposed candidates fit increasingly well with the desires of our clients.

Geert-Jan ReijmerHR Consultant, The College Healthcare

Curious about the basis of our selection procedures?

Try out the Keyscan for yourself and gain insight into your vulnerable qualities within 15 minutes!