Team development

Good cooperation an collaboration is essential for achieving success with a team or organisation. However, there is an abundance of unconscious and automatic behavioural patterns that influence collaboration. Keyminds offers insight into the dynamics of teams by mapping the current (and absent) behaviours of team members. This not only creates a clear picture of the current state of the team and in which direction it can develop, but also which collective pitfalls are a risk.

The Keyscan is the main building block in this process in order to establish understanding among individual team members and gather reliable and valid data to base your future decisions of as a manager.

Why our team sessions?

Based on reliable and valid data on unconscious behavioural patterns

Knowledge on the behavioural dynamics within your team

Really get to know and predict your team’s behaviour and pitfalls

Information-driven guidance

Receive concrete management advice for the guidance and development of your team

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Keyminds helps teams in both the commercial and public sector to better understand each other and collaborate. Curious about the concrete measures that you, as a manager, can take to optimize your team?

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As an MT of Icare JGZ we had the feeling that we were an effective team. In the context of personal leadership we found it important to know what our natural and vulnerable strengths are. It was interesting and valuable for us to see how we could support each other using our own strengths making us an even more effective team!

Chantel KerkdijkRayonmanager, Icare JGZ

Not the standard personality development workshop. It provided insights that our student entrepreneurs can use in the future. An educational and fun afternoon, with Theun and Willemijn who took the time to thoroughly explain the materials.

Carmen BeenProgram Coordinator, Pre-Incobator 10K Amsterdam

The Keyminds workshop was incredibly insightful for me. Although I thought I knew myself well, the workshop offered me the opportunity to learn more about my competences, strengths and pitfalls on a very deep level. I now know how I can better deal with this in a professional setting, which will definitely help me in the future. It also helps that the exercises are fun!

Phoebe DoddsStudent Msc. Entrepreneurship Vu/UvA

This assessment is an awesome instrument to use for the development of individuals and teams. The guidance of Keyminds ensures effective application of this tool. This led to improved performance of team members and contributes to the achievement of our organisational goals.

HR Professional, Rabobank

Curious about the basis of our team sessions?

Try out the Keyscan for yourself and gain insight into your vulnerable behaviour within 15 minutes!